Facts About Me (Day 2)

I have done 20 random facts about myself here  but reading through it now i feel like i have evolved since that post. 20 facts about me Now :


  1. I don’t eat ketchup (I prefer Chilli or barbecue sauce)
  2. You might not think it at first glance, but I’m a NERD.
  3. My Favorite week day is “Wednesday – (its my CDS DAY)
  4. I’m presently a criminal lawyer (prosecutor) and I don’t like what I do.
  5. watching Murder / crime investigation would make my day any time.



I never know how to start a post. I’m so used to the  formal and legal way of writing that i find it hard to ease into a more lighter mode. I hope everyone reading this is doing alright.

Over the weekend, I had an unplanned visit to the “Millennium PARK”  (they have loads of parks over  here) . It was a 5 year old’s birthday party and i breezed in & out. I didn’t carry my camera with me *sadly*. The images below are from google and I must say “they don’t lie” I took a couple with my phone too.


The fountain



Hello Shugs,

I’m picking up my golden pen from the basket of love to write this post —(if you wrote  letters like this during your secondary school days — please Hands Up) .I don’t know where that came out from just now….. LooooooooL and NO, I didn’t.

‘ll be starting a series of post where I write about places to visit while in Abuja. Compared to Lagos, Abuja is more laid back when it comes to fun & chills. Everyone here is about the money, work and  the CONNECT. Once in awhile if you keep your ears down you’ll hear of the events around town which is always “LIVE”. I’m here to bring you “MYABUJA” just incase you thinking of relocating 🙂

This Weekend I visited the “PARK & ZOO” — last time i was here was 10years .




“Madam no be like that again oo This phrase has been ringing in my ear almost everywhere i go.

First, it was my favorite “Southern Fried Chicken and Jollof rice” I placed my order and removed my 1,000 Naira to pay just to be told “Madam no be like that again oo, na 1070 Naira” you can imagine my reaction “Since when?” i asked “Madam na since last week oo. “Its just 70 Naira naaaw ” i said to myself and paid.

“You do not have sufficient funds to renew your data” HIAN!!! Is something wrong with glo? i kept resending the code and same message kept popping up. I had to call customer care, only to be told that my data subscription is now 1,400 Naira  instead of 1,000 Naira. “Mbok, this is no longer funny haba” I said to myself.

“399 Units for 10,000 Naira” Ladies and gentlemen, I used to buy PHCN/NEPA prepaid toptop of 10,000 Naira for 700units. That is how i confidently went to buy my usual units ONLY to see 399 units for 10,000. This time around it wasn’t ok. See as i was para-ing for the man telling him he has made a mistake in my units. *sigh* The man calmly said “Madam things done change oo no be like before again”

who else is experiencing this change?


yesterday, 1st of March i turned a year older.

I took the day off work because i really needed to evaluate my life. “Bad-idea” I was more depressed and wish i went to work. Honestly, i don’t feel like i have achieved a lot. I don’t have a bad-ass job, I’m yet to apply for a PHD, serving my country is a waste of a valuable year, I’m not married and I have no kids. Now, i MUST get the above listed “NEEDS” fixed before i turn 30. In addition to my thoughts, my parents didn’t even remember my birthday and that hurt me real bad, till the time of this post they still don’t know yesterday was my birthday. Although, i received sooooo much love from friends and even ones i haven’t heard from in decades.

When I’m down i pray to GOD and probably talk to someone that will cheer me up and that’s exactly what i did and it helped.

What i realized was that i was soooo far in thoughts that i forgot to thank God and count my blessings. I am exactly way I’m supposed to be in life and i couldn’t be more grateful to God.

Opening a new Chapter now and i know its going to be greaterrrrrrrrr…

The Surprise Dinner (DUNES)

Sometimes the most shocking surprises are also the most beautiful surprises. Last night i attended a surprise dinner party that was planned by the girlfriend for her BAE. It was such a breathing taking experience. I don’t like surprises (reason being that i don’t want to be caught without my fleek on) lool. but i’m considering my stance after last night.

The Dinner took place at Dunes Centre, No., 44 Aguiyi Ironsi St, Abuja, Nigeria.

Here are the Picturessss.

PS: I’m still not comfortable about putting up people’s pics without their permission. for now its going to be pics of me and my close friends.